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Whether your business needs a mouthwatering menu, meaty marketing or something special for social media, I can help.

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Word Checks for Businesses

FREE — Make sure your business communications are as compelling as they can be. Get a free professional review today.

Website content, SEO and blogs

Project and variable hourly rates — These days your website is one of your business’s greatest assets. Whether you are a premium food brand, an artisan producer or a savvy startup looking to shake up your industry, I love getting to know my clients to develop online content that speaks to their customer in their unique voice.

Menus and brochures

Project rates — So much more than just a list of meals, your menu is a chance to get your customer’s mouths watering before they even taste a bite. It’s an opportunity to build a relationship and tell a story. That can be a challenge when you have so few words to play with so why not get a professional writer to work their magic?

Food packaging

Project rates — Invest in great words for your food packaging to help your product stand out on the crowded shelf. I also develop recipes and serving suggestions.

FEATURES, White Papers and Discussion Papers 

Variable hourly rates — You are a thought leader in your field. I can help you write like one. Perhaps your words just need a copy edit or maybe you need support to get the words down on paper. I have a postgraduate research skills and an ability to write across multiple disciplines to help your expertise shine through. NOTE: I write for businesses and most definitely DO NOT ghostwrite university assignments.

Social media content and copy

Variable hourly rates — Want to use social media to create a community around your brand? Turn your customers into advocates by using social media effectively. I work with you to co-create content and community management strategies.

Corporate and training videos

Project rates —  Perhaps you want a corporate video that isn’t cringeworthy. Maybe you need a clear training video that doesn’t send your staff to sleep. I write scripts for all purposes and can connect you with the right production team to get the job done.

content marketing

Project rates — A recipe booklet, cheese and wine pairing guide or tempting tasting notes can engage and educate your customers and get them excited about your products. I write for both digital or traditional media.

Tenders, grants and Awards

Variable hourly rates —Don’t stress every time you have to submit a tender response, grant proposal or award submission. Let an expert wordsmith do the work while you concentrate on current projects and clients.

Speech writing

Variable hourly rates — Don’t get caught out giving boring, robotic speeches. There are subtle differences between the written and spoken word. I spent over ten years as a voice and presentation coach before becoming a writer so I understand the difference and how to help clients give their best presentations.

Media releases

Variable hourly rates — Make sure your message gets to the right people in a way that cuts through with a professionally written media release.