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Answers to my most commonly asked questions.

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Do you only work for food businesses and Brands?

No. I write for all sorts of businesses and brands, including charities, not-for-profits, media organisations and universities.

What Does a content and copy writer do for me?

Any kinds of words you need written, I can write ‘em. You can see a full list of my services here.

I’m a small business, why should I pay for a content and copywriter when I can write myself?

Running a small business is hard. There is so much to do, know and understand. Having a copywriter working for you doesn’t just outsource some of the tasks that aren’t your core-business. It also makes sure your communications are clear, compelling and targeted correctly so they ultimately maximise sales and make your business money.

What qualifications and training do you have?

I have a Bachelor of Arts, a Graduate Diploma in Dramatic Arts (Voice), a Masters in Sustainability and have completed several specialist writing courses. Read more here.

Where are you based?

I’m located in Australia. I mostly work in Canberra, but am regularly in Sydney for client meetings. Thanks to the glory of the interwebz I can work worldwide.

What is Easy Green Recipes?

Easy Green Recipes is my blog about combining sustainability and gastronomy. I write about home cookery, sustainable eating and food and agritourism experiences. It’s on hiatus at the moment.

Where Can I find you on social media?

Look for me on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. I dabble on Pinterest.

What brands and businesses have you worked for?

You can read testimonials from happy clients and see some brands I’ve worked with here.

What kinds of research can you do?

I design qualitative research projects, including interviews and surveys. I’ve also designed Q-method projects to capture the thought-landscape around complex subject areas.

I conduct in-the-kitchen experiments and develop recipes too.

I don’t think my website is performing as well as it should be. what can you do to help?

It differs in every case, but why don’t you book in for a free word check and I’ll take a look.